Since 2010 Private Mobility has started as a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) with a direct interconnect on major quality networks in the Netherlands, with its own Carrier grade mobile network Core.

All network elements are functional or ready for 2G,3G and 4G (LTE). Private Mobility provides mobile integration with all Voip and PBX telecom platforms for voice, sms and data. These mobile services are delivered as white label wholesale services to MVNO’s with their own network ID and infrastructure. Because Private Mobility has control over the total mobile infrastructure and IT processes, it is able to integrate mobile functionality on SIP basis on any provider platform and integrate all service processes.



All services are based on Fixed-Mobile integration with Forced on PBX with full transparent functionality on any mobile device. private APN’s provide secure mobile data interconnects from mobile to any data platform or radius server. Private Mobility supports roaming with private mobile networks (private GSM) and Virtual national roaming for optimal reachability.

Target segments

Private Mobility aims at the MVNO wholesale market, and supports its partners with services for the SME's, Corporate and Government market. The partners are service providers and integrators that are active in sector-focused solutions for public instututions, health care, business services, real estate and industries.

Sales & Marketing

Private Mobility operates from her office in Almere, sales is done in cooperation with its wholesale partners and provides sales support, technical support and administrative support.


Private Mobility offers Fixed-mobile solutions, with Forced on PBX on SIP basis, optimal reachability with Virtual roaming and pGSM roaming. Tariffs properties are: Unlimited bundles, packages with or without termination, Data only and M2M propositions.



Direct interconnect with local radio networks

Fully owned / managed IP core

Experienced and flexible in integrating with other service providers

Giving full control on mobile functionality and traffic to it's partners

Providing all essential features for full fixed-mobile integration of voice and data

Providing the Mobile interconnect to all telecom/Voip service providers and companies within three months set-up

Partner can use or choose it’s own switch or telephony exchange


Private Mobility is a loyal and trusted partner with specialised and progressive solutions for Fixed-Mobile integration.Cees Quirijns - CEO & Co-Founder -

Private Mobility provides Infopact the possibility to offer a competitive Fixed-Mobile integration to our customers and partners. The quality of the technical solution that PM offers is of noteworthy high level, and with the support and guidance during the implementation it successfully leaded to a fast and easy way to expand the Infopact portfolio with a mobile proposition.Robin de Weert - Product Manager -